Injectable Gel for Degenerative Discs

ReGelTec, Inc. is a clinical stage medical device company developing the next generation of interventional spinal implants for chronic lower back pain due to degenerative disc disease.

  • minimally invasive procedure

  • short recovery time

  • early clinical results show significant improvements in back pain


HYDRAFIL™, is a proprietary hydrogel technology that when heated becomes a liquid that can be injected through a 17-gauge needle into the nucleus of an intervertebral disc. Once it enters the body the gel incorporates with the existing nucleus and cools to form an integrated solid. This implant mimics the biomechanical properties of the natural disc and preserves spinal motion.

The burden of low back pain in the United States is immense.

52 Million

health care visits for lower back pain every year

291 Million

lost work days due to back and neck pain every year

$50 Billion

dollars in healthcare costs in lost productivity per year

Latest News

Latest news on ReGelTec and HYDRAFIL to treat degenerative disc disease.

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