Low back pain is a common but

Highly Disruptive Condition

Low back pain is one of the most common and debilitating conditions faced by individuals worldwide. It is estimated that low back pain has a 60-80% lifetime prevalence among the global population, with 13% of US adults suffering from chronic low back pain (lasting more than 12 weeks).

  • Chronic low back pain is an extremely expensive health care issue, with an estimated $50B+ in direct medical expenses and more than $100B lost opportunity costs annually due to lost productivity and work days.

  • The currently available treatment options include conservative care (physical therapy, pain medications, exercise, epidural steroid injections) that can temporarily mask the pain but don’t fix the root cause.

  • For patients who continue to seek treatments beyond conservative care, surgical interventions such as spinal fusion can be performed but have been shown in published literature to be no more effective than conservative care at eliminating pain and reducing disability.

80% of individuals will experience an episode of back pain at least once in their life​

Treatment Options​

Continuum of Care​

Step 1: Conservative Care

For patients diagnosed with chronic low back pain their physician will likely recommend a combination of physical therapy, exercise, medication, and perhaps epidural steroid injections to manage or reduce the pain.





Step 2: interventional therapies (hydrafil)

Hydrafil will bridge the treatment options currently available to patients by offering a minimally invasive procedure with minimal recovery time that has a long term impact reducing pain and disability.

Step 3: Surgical Interventions

For patients who have not experienced pain relief through conservative care they may wish to explore more invasive surgical treatments, which typically involve lengthy recovery time and are largely permanent.




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